Greeting Ideas


Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby


60 Cheers for 60 Years

SAY it isn't so! {NAME} is the BIG 5-0!

Oh no! {NAME} is the BIG 5-0!

Honk! {NAME} is {AGE} Today!

Lordy Lordy {NAME} is 40!

{NAME} is Over the Hill!

{NAME} is 50 and Fabulous!

Celebrating 70 years of {NAME}!

Everybody Scream! {NAME} is 13!

Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby


Welcome Baby {NAME}! LB/OZ 

{NAME} is Here! LB/OZ

Welcome to the World {NAME}!

Showering {NAME} with Joy!

A Blessing Has Arrived! LB/OZ

It's a Girl/Boy! {NAME}

A Blessing Has Arrived! Welcome #5

Filled with Glee. Welcome #3

One More? Welcome #4


Welcome Baby

Wedding / Anniversary


Our Dad/Mom Rocks!

#1 Dad/Mom!

We Love YouDad/Mom! XOXO!

Be My Valentine {NAME}!  

Be Mine XOXO!

Have a Spooktacular Time!

Thankful for Family

Merry Christmas! 

Cheers to 2019! 

Happy New Year!

Wedding / Anniversary

Schools / Spirit / Graduation

Wedding / Anniversary


Happy 25th Anniversary!

Love of my life! Happy 25th!

Celebrating {NAME} & {NAME} {DATE} 

{NAME} & {NAME} I do! 

{DATE} Congrats {NAME} & {NAME} 

She Said Yes!!

Best Wishes {NAME} & {NAME} {DATE}

Let's Shower {NAME} with Love!

{NAME} & {NAME} Best Day Ever!

Celebrating 15 Years {NAME} & {NAME}!

Schools / Spirit / Graduation

Schools / Spirit / Graduation

Schools / Spirit / Graduation


Welcome Back Students!

{SCHOOL NAME} Teachers Rock!

We Love Our Teachers!

{MASCOT} Pride!

Congrats to 2019 Grads!

Congrats {NAME} {COLLEGE NAME} Bound!

{NAME} Go to Prom with Me?

{NAME} AND {NAME} it's a date to Prom!

It would be a hit if {NAME} go to Prom with me!?

{SCHOOL NAME} Bound for Greatness!

All stars all the way!!  

Auction Gala Tonight! 

Book Fair {DATE}


Schools / Spirit / Graduation

Schools / Spirit / Graduation


Open House Today!

Welcome Home Smiths! 

Grand Opening!

Now Open!

Wine Tasting Tonight!

Happy Hour 4-7 PM!