Pricing and Policies


$99 - Single Phrase Greetings 

(ex: Happy 50th Birthday Debbie!)


Applies to any customer who shares a picture of their yard greeting on Facebook and/or Instagram AND tags @RenoYardGreetings in the post.

Your yard greeting rental includes:  

  • a complete phrase
  • lots of colorful balloons and stars
  • age
  • 2 graphic images
  • delivery, setup and pickup

Additional costs may apply for longer phrases. Sales tax of 8.265% will be added to all invoices. 

Delivery/Set up/Pick up

You can expect ​delivery and set up of your Reno Yard Greeting anytime between 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. the day of your event/celebration.  Your yard greeting will be removed the following day. 

Other delivery times may be possible, depending on the needs of your surprise, however additional rates may apply to late evening/early morning hours. 

Reno Yard Greetings currently serves the following zip codes: 89509, 89503, 89511,* 89521,* 89502, 89519, 89512, 89523* 

*some areas in this zip code may incur a mileage fee



You will receive a Paypal invoice by email (Paypal account not required).  Payments are due upon receipt to confirm your booking.  We also accept Venmo payments, personal checks and cash.  

Inclement weather

Inclement weather includes lightning/thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow blizzard, high winds, as well as hard grounds (yard signs will only work in soft grounds, lawns preferable) and any other Acts Of God that would put us or our lawn display in harm's way. We will attempt to reschedule delivery, or a full refund will be issued.  In very few cases, inclement weather after installation may require the yard greeting to be removed early. 

Rental Policy

  • Payment is required at booking in order to confirm/hold your reservation.
  • For the safety of everyone, please do not play on/around the greeting.
  • Please do not remove/move any signs, including our advertising sign.  
  • Please do not dispose of any signs.
  • Please cancel lawn services while the greeting is installed.
  • Please water your lawn for ONE FULL HOUR the morning of your scheduled greeting date.
  • Please remove dog poop from the display area - we greatly appreciate this! 
  • Please do not keep balloons on or near the sign, if the balloons happen to pop, they can damage the signs. 
  • If negligent damage occurs to any signs (dogs, moving, weed eaters, etc.), or loss of signs occur, you may be invoiced for replacements.

Reno Yard Greetings and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any personal injury or property damage that may occur by the placement of our signs.

Refund Policy

  • If you must cancel your booking, you may choose to receive 1/2 of the booking fee as a refund, or you may credit the full fee toward a future booking.
  • In the event of inclement weather we may not be able to set up the greeting. You will receive a full refund in this case.
  • No refunds will be given: if we are given the incorrect delivery address; ​the recipient of a gifted greeting asks us to remove the greeting; if we are denied access to a gated community; if hard ground prevents us from setting up our signs (soft ground required, please see rental policy); if animals prevent us from delivery or any circumstances that prevents us from delivery that are out of our control.
  • A $25 re-delivery fee will be charged if we must return to remove, move and re-setup a greeting at the correct address.  This also applies if we are unable to gain access to your property and must return at a later time/day to install.


By placing an order/booking with Reno Yard Greetings, you agree to all policies above.